My alert Facebook pal Karen Lifshey-Shapiro called this public service announcement to my attention. It reminded me a lot of my first foray into spay and neuter territory, a video I worried might be offensive to men.

Compared to this, that one was tame!

So… have I offended yet? Guys?

Today passed me by and I almost decided to post this tomorrow and then it occurred to me that this might be best for weekend viewing for the majority of folks who can’t watch it in the privacy of their home office.

Wearing pajamas.

11 thoughts on “Spay & Neuter with a Smile: Kathryn Heigl Hates Balls”

    1. I’m glad you had no problem with it; I thought the topic might be particularly sensitive, given your last post — but then again, maybe it’s encouraging since now Kenzo will be 100% gorgeous to a movie star.

  1. That was funny.

    I think organizations need to be more creative in getting the word out about spay/neuter and also how to reach different demographics like people in the hood.

  2. I’ve seen links to this video all over the internet lately and somehow managed to pass it by every time. When I saw it here, I finally found the cajones to watch.

    But Edie, do you really want to use this video as an example of your influence over your readership? 🙂

  3. guess i’m clueless. I thought it was a satire about/against dog spay/neuter programs. couldn’t stand to watch more than a minute, though, –just thought I’d share my reaction, perhaps is like that of some other general generally clueless internet viewers.

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