Good news for someone who is writing a pet travel guide. Or trying to. My thanks to Deborah Flick, who forwarded me the press release and graphic from Sweden, where she is watching chickens. And thanks of course to, who put together the survey.

I was very pleased to see that 71% of people put safety first when planning a pet’s travel arrangements, though I suppose I should worry about the 29% who didn’t.  I’m impressed that a third of pet travelers headed overseas and that another third (or maybe it’s the same third, who enjoyed it so much the first time around) had plans to travel internationally. I have yet to take Frankie on a plane… but more on that tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Pet Travel Trends”

  1. Wow, what a great infographic. That Deborah sure found a winner!

    Are you congratulating yourself for being so timely in your writing project? It looks like we’re seeing big increases in pet travel.

    When I saw the stats on international travel, I thought of a book I read a few years ago about a man who decided to take his dog to Paris to enjoy the adventure together and to celebrate their relationship. It was charming. If you need a break from hardcore research, I’d recommend Ella in Europe (

    1. If only self-congratulation were in my blood! Instead, I’m feeling the pressure of getting the book done — but not in a good way. Ella in Europe sounds like a perfect escape.

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