It’s been quite the whirlwind here in San Diego, which I’m about to depart in a few hours for Santa Barbara. Frankie and I will be sorry to leave.

We loved the dog-friendly Hotel Indigo, for so many reasons.

Location, location, location

The hotel is just a couple of blocks from PetCo Park, which is not only the stadium for the Padres, but also has — surprise, surprise — a pet-friendly park. I suppose I might as well just say dog-friendly because I didn’t see any roaming cats, ferrets, or birds.

As close as Frankie comes to playing ball


The hotel was generous enough to host a booksigning for Am I Boring My Dog at the first monthly Canine Cocktail Party of the season. Well, let me backtrack. The hotel hosts a monthly Canine Cocktail Party, with free dog snacks and discounted cocktails. Now that’s pretty darned impressive to begin with.

There was a great turnout of dogs and their people. Two that I was particularly pleased to see were Arden Moore and her miniature poodle-basset hound mix, Chloe (Frankie was not so excited about Chloe — or about all the other dogs and people for that matter –but that’s another story).

Arden is incredibly prolific and active in the pet community; she’s the author of many books on dogs — and, yeah, cats — and an editor-at-large at FidoFriendly (I’m not going to mention any feline publications). You can read all about her at her site, FourLeggedLife.

I would be annoyed by her industriousness, because she makes me seem downright sluggish, if she wasn’t such a terrific person who took the time out from her busy schedule to come support a fellow author.

Arden Moore and I exchange books

Excellent bathroom facilities

Frankie can be a bit picky about where he does his business but he loved the Phi Bar Lounge facilities of the Hotel Indigo:

Frankie enjoying the 9th floor Hotel Indigo facilities

11 thoughts on “San Diego Snaps: Hotel Indigo”

  1. (Just noticed that your “name” field above chops off the last two letters of my name.)

    I agree totally about the Hotel Indigo. Such an incredible hotel, whether you’re with a dog or without. Even a resident dog who greets people. And indeed we found the whole neighborhood dog-friendly with water bowls and sometimes snacks outside the doors of shops and restaurants. And nice pet people who cleaned up after all the strolling Fidos, too. (Unlike Paris, Buenos Aires and other cities I’ve heard about.)
    So glad you had a good time and a good event. You’ll get Frankie to be gregarious yet–that’s my prediction.

    1. My apologies for such a rude comment system!
      You clearly are going to have to start traveling with a dog — a perfect complement to the coffee culture that you enjoy.

  2. We’re so glad that you and Frankie had such a good time! The Hotel Indigo looks beautiful. If you’d like, you could write a review of the hotel at GoPetFriendly to let other pet travels know what your experience was like! Here’s a link:

    Remember that you must be a member of GoPetFriendly to write reviews. There is no cost to register, and right now joining our pack will get you entered in a contest to win a $300 gift card from Best Western! For more info on the contest, click here:

    We’re excited to read about your adventures in Santa Barbara. Travel safely!

    1. Thanks, Amy. I’ll definitely weigh in on the Hotel Indigo on GoPetFriendly — and enter the contest — as soon as I get a bit more computer time. Just rushing in, trying to catch up!

  3. lovely photos of you. of frankie, well, what can we say? Is that him as well being held by Arden looking fit and fecklish?

    1. Thanks, Diane. No that wasn’t Frankie, who would resist all hefting by anyone besides me. It was Arden’s dog, Chloe.

  4. Hey, good that Frankie was pleased with at least one thing in San Diego–happy relief! And it was really nice that Arden Moore showed up to support you!

    Have a good time with Clare and Archie! That will be another post, I’m sure of it:)

  5. Sounds like that hotel has got it right and I like the sound of Canine Cocktails! Good luck with your book signing next week.

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