Carol and Dexter Bryant: Are the shades for undercover visits? Where are the Doggles, then?

Carol Bryant and her dog, Dexter, are perfect pet travel ambassadors. Both are outgoing, photogenic, and, as far as I can tell, well-behaved (I can only vouch for Carol’s behavior first-hand during one dinner at last year’s BlogPaws conference in Denver, where I didn’t observe her drinking too much, throwing up, or insulting anyone, but I’m generally a pretty good judge of character. And Carol has vouched for Dexter).

FIDO Friendly’s Six Feet Forward

This also makes Carol perfectly suited to her job as the social media and PR director of  FIDO Friendly magazine and its associated website and blog, FIDO The magazine, which focuses on pet travel but also covers a variety of other topics related to dog care in the 21st century,  is celebrating the publication of its 50th issue, which was my occasion for chatting with Carol in the interview posted below.

I described many aspects of that interview in my post on Animal Cafe, including Carol’s criteria for what makes a destination Fido friendly, as opposed to Fido tolerant. And I mentioned the coup of getting Golden Girl Betty White — accompanied by a Golden Retriever — to grace the cover of the Golden Anniversary issue in a skillful use of visual puns.

Who wouldn't want the gorgeous Dahlia?

FIDO Friendly’s Rescue/Giveaway

But I didn’t talk about a new feature that is debuting on the occasion of the 50th: A giveaway that will help a featured dog get adopted each month. Carol says:

As part of our anniversary festivities, we are launching the first in a
series of giveaways featuring rescue dogs to subscribers. Our inaugural
photo shoot took place at the historic Hotel Phillips in Kansas City, Missouri. The photographic stylings of local photographer and animal rescuer, Jennifer Hague, grace our 50th issue pages. Dahlia, a loving pit bull rescue looking for her forever home, is our picturesque posing pooch.

All the products featured are donated to the local shelter to use for fund raising which helps fund the care for dogs like Dahlia. We hope the exposure of Dahlia sitting amidst the prizes at this great hotel will increase her chances of finding a forever home.

That makes sense. It’s all in the perception. It’s easy to dismiss a dog in a cage, but a dog in beautiful surroundings is instantly rendered valuable. That’s just how it is.

But whether you adopt Dahlia or not, you can enter to win the goodies, including a two night stay at the Hotel Phillips. See here for details and information on how to enter.

But don’t forget to come back and listen to the interview.

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