Zippy — and snippy.

Is it just me, or are they singing “spaded”?

Plus an extra song, encouraging volunteerism.

Both are brought to you by Animal Friends of Pittsburgh, who got themselves an awesome domain name:

So did these make you smile — or at least hum? Then click here and vote for me for a Petties award for funniest pet blog, since there’s no hummiest award.

21 thoughts on “Spay & Neuter with a Smile: Rock & Roll Edition”

  1. Both were very good and yes, gave me a morning chuckle. They ARE singing “spaded” in the first video – how kinda weird? but effective. You’ve had my vote :).

    1. You know it suddenly makes more sense this morning — instead of “sedated” it’s “spaded” which fits better with the rhythm. And the funny thing is I used to think they were “spading” dogs and cats too when I was a kid and didn’t understand what that meant…

      And thanks for your vote!

  2. Love all the jolly videos getting made at the moment – so much nicer! Heading over to vote for you πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it really is a treat — though I had to wade through far too many sad ones trying to find these two. I think I’m almost running out of happy. Hmmm… may be time for a contest!

      Thanks for the vote!

  3. Okay. I’ll vote for you again even tho the second video made me tear-up and smile simultaneously. And, yap, I do believe they are singing “spaded” not “spayed.” Now that’s funny!

    1. I agree with you about the smiling through your tears factor of the second video. Glad I wasn’t penalized πŸ˜‰ in the voting.

      As I was looking for new videos to post last night, I realized what my instant disqualifier was: cages. As soon as I saw an animal behind bars, I was outta there.

  4. Thanks for rescuing me from depressing adoption PSAs! Just saw the Sarah commercial this morning!

    I do believe that the singers are saying “spaded”, which no one really wants, but it does fit in with the original song lyrics. The “Help” commercial is the winner, though.

    1. Ha — some of my favorite political talk shows have started running the Sarah commercial. Totally bums me out. The Help PSA is good, I agree, but it doesn’t fit in with either my spay neuter or adoption series so I had to sneak it in there.

  5. Agree, that Help video was fun;) I appreciate all the upbeat videos promoting shelters and from shelters. Having a dog or cat is a wonderful, joyous thing – always wondered why people thought that something depressing would find a broad audience for adoption. And it was funny that you added the vote link – made me laugh – and I did go vote!

    1. I think the tide is turning, but many places still think that guilt will get you to — if not adopt a pet — at least write a check. I was so glad to learn that the happy campaigns worked better in the long run.

      Oh, good, I’m glad that subtle direction to vote worked on you…

  6. That first one is totally psychedelic, man! Thanks for the trip!

    My 13-year-old would LOVE to volunteer at our local SPCA as a kitty-wrangler, but they won’t take volunteers under 18. Really annoying!

  7. I think they might be singing spay-ed, singing the last syllable as “ed”. Hard to really tell, but that’s the theory I’m going with.

  8. I wanna be spaded..lols this video totally rocks! Your video is worth our vote! Good luck on winning!

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