If there’s a common theme to all the animal welfare pieces I’ve been posting recently, it’s the need to stay positive and not to rely on old stereotypes, whether of dogs or of models for shelters. I cited the ASPCA’s Sarah Mclachlan video not only as a waste of money but as a tear jerker — and not in a good way.

So to counter those type of downer messages, I’ve decided to post a series of videos with a more upbeat message about adoption. This first one, made for the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA, has famous people in it too! Two of them! Sissy Spacek and — in the background, singing — her daughter Schuyler Fisk.

This did make me cry too, but not in a bad way. It also cracked me up that Sissy Spacek’s hairdo was the same as the dog’s. I guess that’s a stereotype too, people looking like their dogs. But not a bad one.

I’m heading out to Atlanta for the Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s conference — if I ever get off the computer to pack, that is. Talk about upbeat: Lots of people discussing dogs and positive training methods.

I’ll try to post more videos — I have two in mind — while I’m away but in the meantime I’d love your suggestions for more. Which videos made you want to adopt rather than drink heavily?

11 thoughts on “Pet adoption videos that won’t make you want to kill yourself, 1”

  1. This is wonderful! You’re right in that most advertisements and campaigns focus on making people cry instead of showing how uplifting dog adoption is. In reality, it should be a thrilling, happy thing. I should make a more conscious effort to speak about rescue that way myself.

    1. I think it may work the other way around — you’ll get the long lustrous red/auburn hair of Kenzo and Viva 😉

  2. Finally! An upbeat video that shows the happy side of adopting a shelter pet. Thanks for sharing this Edie! Honestly, I didn’t think there were any upbeat ones out there.

  3. That Sarah Mclachlan ad *was* horrible. It didn’t help that I really dislike the song, either. I always changed the channel when it came on. This one is really cute and fun. Like, c’mon, how cute is it to see that little kitten being fed?

  4. Yes, finally a positive message from other than the shelter pet project folks! *That’s* what I’m talking about – no more sappy sad and tearful ads pleeeez…they get me nothing but mad at the maker. Reminds me of those ads that the actress who was Meathead’s wife from All In the Family did for save the children or feed the children or some org like that where she was crying in every one of them – awful! OMG Kill me now! Too manipulative. Great find, Edie.

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