Historically, dogs haven’t fared very well in outer space. Although the fact was covered up until much later, the most famous of the Russian pups, Laika, almost certainly died within a few hours of going into orbit. The (collective) cosmodogs got a stamp devoted to them:


And Laika got a statue:


Cold comfort, I say. And I suspect so would they.

Therefore, it is with a great deal of trepidation that I viewed Frankie’s latest adventures as a spokesdog for Am I Boring My Dog:

2 thoughts on “Dogs in Space”

  1. I hopes yer attempt into Space isn’t foiled, Frankie.
    Sumtymes MoMMy quotes Jackie Greeson and sez:
    “Jewel, one of these days—“Pow—Zoom” I fink he
    used to say dat to his wife, Ariss, when he threatened
    to send her into orbit. But I’m not sure.

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