I had lunch yesterday with a group of writer friends. When we went around the table to discuss our accomplishments and ask each other for help with writely issues, I explained that I had several copies of my dog book that I wanted to sell on my blog but didn’t quite know how to go about doing it.

I immediately got advice about installing a PayPal button and, although I definitely have  tech issues — I almost installed a “Like Me on Facebook” widget for GoPetFriendly.com on this site  — that wasn’t my hang-up.  My big problem, I explained, was with self promotion.

Poor uncommercial me.

Everyone listened politely for a few minutes. Then one of my friends reminded me that, although I am culturally Jewish and consider myself a holiday-free zone, Christmas was getting very close and people want to buy presents, so I needed to snap out of it. She didn’t slap me, a la Cher and Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck, but that was the general idea.

So this is me, snapping out of it.

I am going to leave it to others to praise the book — that’s what The Book section is for — but I will say I’m proud of having written it and, more than two years of blogging and research later, still stand behind all the dog advice.

If you buy it, I will inscribe it to anyone, human or canine, you would like me to inscribe it to. Frankie will sign it too, in his fashion.

Use the (correctly installed) PayPal/credit card Buy Now button to the right, then email me — at writestf at mac dot com — with the inscription you’d like me to write and the address you’d like me to send it to.

I’ve included first-class U.S. postage in the price. If you’d like me to send it elsewhere, I’ll go to the post office and let you know what that will run you. And if you can get it in time for the holidays.

And even if you don’t want to buy the book, watch the video trailers. Talk about holiday cheer!

The final video, which ties the story together? It’s to your right, just above the — ahem — Buy Now button.

8 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Dog Savvy: Am I Boring My Dog?”

  1. Exactly why I suck at dog rescue – I should be out promoting, pushing, finding homes for all these dogs – but, “frankly,” I don’t mind if they move on or not! I need to “snap out of it!” plus I am ordering your book – have seen that look on Justus’s face too often – sit, down, now what? HA.
    Go for it, Edie!

    1. Thanks, Roberta! Now you have to email me your address so I’ll know where to send it ;-). Let me know too if you want me to add any pooches to your inscription (I won’t tell the others if you don’t include everyone).

  2. Your book has long been on my “must-read” list, along with many other books that I never seem to get to. It’s actually a nightmare of mine that I will die before I ever finish reading all of the books on my list. I am not even joking, I have lost sleep over this thought. Sometimes I wish people would just stop writing new ones so I can catch up.

    Anyway, my mental health issues aside, I appreciate your reminder! Since I tend to read more in the winter, it is the perfect timing! How much extra would it cost to ship to Canada? Can I just add the amount to my Paypal order?

    1. That’s what I enjoy about you and your blog — you’re as out there with your crazies as I am! I almost never re-read books because there are so many new ones to catch up on. I will find out on Monday, when I send the other books, about the price to Canada and email you with the info. And then, yes, you can just add the amount to PayPal.

  3. I have been doing some awareness campaigns here in the UK about rescue homes too. I just wish that it was given more media exposure in the UK.

    There are just too many abandon dogs that need a new home

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