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14 thoughts on “Biker, Cowboy, Lover: Which Dog Do You Like Best?”

  1. For pure costume, I liked cowboy Frankie the best. But gotta go with that float past Notre Dame!

    1. Yes, the tiny cowboy hat was a perfect fit, and Frankie looked rakish in the bandana. I can’t reveal what was used for the beret — at least not on a public forum; hate to spoil the illusion — but Notre Dame and the cat purr are winners.

    1. I’m surprised the cowboy didn’t rate higher; Frankie wears that hat with rakish charm and he is, after all, a dog of the West. I suspect it’s the cat lovers — or maybe Paris lovers — who’ve skewed the poll.

      Thanks for voting, Diane!

  2. Frankie, I fink I rykes yer “Jack Benny” cowboy mouf pose bes ’cause
    UR a desert dawg. But I mus say I do, do, do ruv yer durag. We gotta
    take photos on my Daddy’s ’73 Harley, I got leathers, baby!

    1. Thanks for voting my desert diva cheeWowa! I knew you were fond of cowboy Frankie, but I also suspected you might be a (not-so-closet) biker dog. I mean, you do got the dew-rag!

  3. I love them all! My daughter and I chose the cowboy, just because Frankie’s so darn cute in that hat. But he’s ultra cute in all of the outfits. Can’t wait for the book!

    1. Thanks so much to you and your daughter for voting! Thanks to you, the cowboy is still in the running. I’ve gotta admit, the hat is a real charmer, but Frankie the cat romancer is a tough act to beat!

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