Anderson Cooper’s segment on CNN about why Michael Vick shouldn’t have a dog is the best thing I’ve seen in any medium on the topic, hands down.

Update Note: The above embedded version of the Anderson Cooper segment, just added, is thanks to dog trainer, blogger (at, and code monkey par excellent, Eric Goebelbecker. Thanks, Eric.

In case you don’t want to have to see Michael Vick’s face again but loved the Kackle Dackle and want to view it a few times more, I’ve included it, below. I have already alluded to the Kackle Dackle on this blog (though I didn’t know its name then) in The Dog Poop Chronicles and gave credit where it was due: to alert blogger Karen at, who first brought this product to our attention.

My only disagreement with both Anderson and Karen: How can you not see how kids would love this product?

20 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper, Michael Vick & the Kackle Dackle”

  1. Thanks for sharing Edie. I had not heard about Anderson Cooper’s take on MV’s desire to have a dog. A local radio host had posed the topic and asked listeners to call in with their comments (the radio host was on the side against MV ever having a dog again) and I called I after hearing call after call of people saying “let him have a dog” for “his kids” or “because he had paid his debt to society”. Ugh! I made sure to let the host know that MV’s behavior went beyond just dog fighting but also included torture, electrocution, hangings, etc. and I was detailed. The host basically said he was disturbed to hear all of that (even more than he had been). It bothers me that people think of this as “just dog fighting” – it drives me crazy. I guess fighting a dog isn’t enough to not own a dog forever, but I hope torture is enough. I actually think his comment about owning a dog was nothing more than a game to him. He wanted to see how far he could go to get people all upset again. No normal person would bring up the idea of having a dog this soon afterwards. I think he likes thinking he’s manipulating the conversation.

    As far as the Kackle Dackle? Hilarious! So funny!

    1. Good for you for calling in! I admire that you always (well, at least often) speak up. I think a lot of people don’t know about the hands on torture so I’m glad you pointed that out.

      Vick takes himself very very seriously, so I think Cooper’s takedown was particularly great because it made so much fun of him. Loved the goldfish comments too.

        1. You know what they say about well-behaved women… 😉 (Actually I can’t remember the quote but I know they don’t have much fun!)

  2. *loved* the slo-mo replay on the poop coming out of the Kackel Dackel! This toy is certainly making the rounds on the odd toy list this year. While I think it’s a silly toy, I think there are some 5 year olds that would probably love it. If I could get one, I’d probably give it to my 4 YO nephew & 6YO niece. Little ones are fans of anything body humor.

    1. I must be at an arrested stage of development — I think it’s hysterical too. Not that I’d let anyone catch me playing with it…

  3. Great catch to you and Karen on the CNN piece which I missed. And I’m with Mel – it’s astonishing how many are in denial that MV was a hands-on fighter and torturer of dogs and prefer to think of him as “just funding” the fighting.

    I’ll not forget the face of “a fan” I told about slamming dogs to the ground until dead–which I believe MV denied participating in–why he would bother differentiating is beyond me when he affixed jump leads attached to a car battery to the dogs and tossed them in the pool. Killed them with his bare hands. Someone like that should never have the privilege of a dog again. Too bad for the kids – oh well…you can’t pick your parents.

    And Wayne Pacelle’s post about this topic made me want to upchuck – which I have great objection to and try to avoid at all costs. I will write a short post on it – given that it’s the holidays. Everyone is commenting on MVs stupid comment and I think this testing the waters business these two are pulling requires a loud and boisterous “HELL NO” from all of us!

    1. I haven’t yet read Wayne Pacelle’s post because I know it would piss me off too much. If my blood pressure gets low — it happens — I’ll go there.

      You know, if Vick didn’t have such a major platform as a successful football career and if he stopped reminding us about his crimes by statements like his wanting a dog, we would “let it go” because he wouldn’t be in the public consciousness. But he is, and so we need to be as vocal as he is. Good for you Mary for speaking the truth too.

  4. I think allowing Vick to play again in the NFL so soon and then because of the success he’s having there he believes he can have everything he wants – including a dog again. Thank God there are people in the media like Anderson Cooper who make it clear how outrages this notion of Vick getting a dog again is. The thought sickens me inside. Thanks for the laugh with the Kackle Dackle – so funny!

  5. Thank you for sharing this video. I will have to check it out. It will be a refreshing change from all the other crap out there on this subject. Seriously.

    I put this toy on my Christmas List. If I get it I am so bringing it to work with me. Hilarious!

    And I love the combination of MV and dog poo in one post. 🙂

  6. Thank you and thank Eric for helping you to post Anderson Cooper’s segment. He nailed it!

    As for the Kackle Dackle? It’s a German toy! Of course the dog poops and everyone is smiling about it! You remember Freud? Anal retentiveness? That’s not a good thing. (I can say that. I an 99.9%% German descent.) I’ll never forget my first German toilet. Many years ago during my first trip to Europe we stayed at a lovely inn near Salzburg, Austria. The inside of the toilet was shaped such that there was a kind of platform which held poop above the water level—for what? Inspection? Of course, when you flushed, everything disappeared. BOL.

    1. I know those toilets! I was astounded the first time I saw them. But I suppose I shouldn’t have been: I’m not only 100% Austrian — both my parents were from Vienna — but one of my great uncles was Freud’s butcher! So that is the Kackle Dackle of my people… no wonder I get such a big kick out of it.

        1. Well, it was Frau Freud who did the shopping but funny you should ask about the meat: My great uncle had two butcher shops, and the Freuds chose the kosher one, in spite of what Freud wrote about religion. Someday I’ll have to find a place to tell the Freud stories.

  7. As you know, Edie, when you wrote about Michael Vick I decided not to mention a chew toy that could be interpreted as potentially insensitive in so many ways…I now believe it is time for your readers–those who haven’t already seen it–to know about the Vick Doggie Chew Toy. I don’t know how to post photos, so I’ll leave that to you. I’m not sorry…I think it’s appropriately hilarious.

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