It’s been a busy week over at Animal Cafe, and this week I’ve got a two great podcasts to share with you.

Project Puffin

There are so many things to like about this project and the details surrounding the interview by guest podcaster Hilary Lane that I’m just going to list a few:

  • Puffins — which look like penguins but are not related to them — are adorable.
  • They were almost extinct in the United States, but they were brought back to their historic nesting islands in Maine by the National Audubon Society, where they are now thriving.
  • The project includes a live puffin cam.
  • The interviewee, Dr. Stephen Kress, is a world renowned ornithologist and puffin expert who is full of puffin-o-bilia and who is extremely personable
  • The folks at Project Puffin created a dog-and-puffin (well, actually, a wookie-and-puffin) badge to promote the interview and called Animal Cafe “popular”
  • Hilary was inspired to do the interview because she and one of her dogs enjoy a crunchy corn cereal called Barbara’s Puffins Multigrain and — this blows my mind — Dr. Kress’s contact information was on the back of the cereal box.

Listen to the interview here.

Okey’s Promise: Art for a Cause

Okey, who inspired a promise, by BZTat

I admit that the subject of this interview with Dr. Lorie Huston is a bit more difficult to cuddle up to than puffins: It focuses on the link between animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence. But there are many reasons to be uplifted by it nevertheless. Since I’m in listing mode:

  • The works of artist BZTat, who is using public art to spread awareness about the issue, are far from depressing, as you can see by this colorful picture of Okey, the cat that inspired the project.
  • Making it clear that cruelty to animals is not “just” about animals — yes, that mindset still exists in some people — might help break the vicious cycle of abuse.
  • BZTat talks about Okey, who was with her for 19 years, as a soul mate. That in itself is inspirational.
  • Miah Rae brings another form of art to the project: Dance. Even if you can’t see a live performance, it’s wonderful to know that Miah, who is 13, started blogging about animal issues at Start the Change when she was 12. Remember that when you’re tempted to start grumbling about young people — or despairing about the future.

Learn more about Okey’s Promise at the website and by listening to the Animal Cafe interview here.



7 thoughts on “Of Puffins and Promises”

  1. I so appreciate your mentioning the Puffin and Art for a Cause. It’s been fun learning about these topics on Animal Cafe… and I’ve got to catch up on my blogging! Thanks for listening.

  2. I remember reading about Okey’s Promise a few months ago and I was struck by the story. Unfortunately, where there is one form of abuse, there is usually another. Hopefully this inspiring project will bring more groups together.

    1. Yes, I fervently hope so. One of the especially frustrating things is when pets aren’t allowed in safe homes. I think that’s changing with new awareness that projects like this bring.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Re: the consulting business — I wish I had that much clout, but thank you for thinking that. In turn, I enjoyed your New Year’s post very much, as I commented there. Everyone should check it out.

  3. Hi Edie,

    It’s always nice to see people going out of their way to help save our animals from going extinct. It’s such a shame that some of the most beautiful animals are slowly disappearing to extinction. I enjoyed your post and I’m looking forward to the interview. I’ll go check it out.


    Kevin Young

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