Like every other pet blogger, I get a lot of pet-related press releases in my email inbox, most from people who want me to promote their products (for free) or causes (requiring money from me, or more time than I have).  What keeps me from automatically pushing “delete” is that I also get the occasional gem that asks very little, like this request from Allie Preefer of PES Communications, who made a video to support a very worthy cause:

We would greatly appreciate it if you could put a link to the video on your site, pass the video along to anyone who might appreciate the message or help generate some excitement to help our campaign to raise money for the group. We’ve been really amazed by the dedication and selflessness of the volunteers at PAWS NY and hope this video furthers their work.

As they used to say at Staples, “That was easy.” You can do it too.

Do you know about any similar organizations where you live? This is the first I heard of this type of group, and I think it’s a terrific idea.

9 thoughts on “Help PAWS NY Help the Elderly & Disabled Keep Their Pets”

  1. We need to do this in southeast MO. A rescue colleague tries in her county but volunteers are always needed. I think by making this a person to person commitment on behalf of the animal/person bond more volunteers may come forward. Thank you for sharing; I am copying and sharing on my blog both on Blogger and online newspaper.

  2. Oh Edie. I just LOVE this! I once did a piece on the elderly and pets after meeting an older woman at the shelter who had recently lost her beloved pet and was looking for a new companion. There are some great resources out there, but this one I really love because they are really a companion and friend to both the pet and the person. I am so glad you shared this. I am so going to share on my fan page!

    BTW – The post I wrote? Elderly, Single and Lonely: Seeking Furry Companion –

    1. Great story, Mel — so now of course I want to know: Did you ever find out if the woman adopted the little dog?

      One of the resources you list is at the end of the piece is an organization in the U.K. that seems to run a similar program to this one — which is encouraging.

      And thanks for sharing this video on your fan page!

      1. It’s funny, but after re-reading my post I was suddenly sad thinking I never did find out if the lady found her companion in our shelter. I hope it was the little dog I mentioned, but I don’t know. Kinda wish I did though.

        I was surprised by how many great resources there were out there. Very encouraging isn’t it?

        BTW – Was only too happy to share your post. I loved it!

    1. Oh, that is another great organization! Thanks for sending the link. And I thought the woman who was asked the question in the Brian Williams clip “Why dogs and not people?” had the perfect answer: It IS about people, who are helped by their dogs.

  3. What a FANTASTIC organization!

    Advanced age and infirmity rob people of mobility, dignity, vigor and independence. Why should they also be robbed of the unconditional love provided by pets?

    Thank you, Edie, for publishing this post and kudos to Paws NY. I wish there were organizations that provide similar services in every city, town and village.

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