Mark Twain was a cat guy — who knew?

To finish off a week that somehow got hijacked by cats…

Let’s face it: Men and cats don’t go together in the popular imagination — and especially not macho guys. We know it’s only lonely single woman who are feline fanciersย  (hey, why do think I got a dog? Just kidding, Frankie.)

This means that many loveable furballs go homeless.

Working against stereotypes — and for adoption — is Los Angeles’ Much Love Animal Rescue, which created a series of “It’s Okay to be a Cat Guy” videos. This is my favorite of the four.

This next link from the Funny or Die folks isn’t really about adoption. It just fits with the theme. And I thought it would make many people I know happy.

Hot Dudes With Kittens

If you liked it, please show your appreciation by going over to like Freud’s Butcher, the Facebook page for the new blog that is going to debut on August 1 — not coincidentally the last day of this blog. There is absolutely no relationship between hot dudes with kittens and my new FB page — unless you have pictures of hot butchers with cats, in which case I promise to post them there — but I figured it was worth asking while you were in a “liking” me mood.


15 thoughts on “Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want To Kill Myself: Men with Cats Edition”

  1. Great video, I also like the one that comes in the you tube “see next” onces it finished, about the biker travelling with his cat. If that is not macho, what is? Bottom line I guess there is still hope for me then.

    1. That’ll be your next blog, Leo — showing you as a tough guy with your cat! I thought about the biker with his cat because I liked that one too, but I wasn’t sure how much the cat liked the ride (I definitely can’t read cat body language)!

  2. I have a male friend who loves cats, but he is a little insecure. When his last cat died, he went to the shelter and found the largest male cat they had. The two of them seem to be made for each other now.

  3. We know a lot of “cat ladies” but not “cat guys”. So the video is the least we expect cuz we thought that boxers would own dogs such as Rotts, Boxers, Bulldogs, etc. x0x0x Vanilla Bean

  4. It takes a tough man to make a tender kitten, eh? I think the first one is a great campaign. I hope it really encourages adoption.

    The Funny or Die video kind of creeped me out. I don’t know why.

    I’ll sure miss your doggy posts. But I’m really excited to see what Freud’s Butcher has in store for us.

  5. Great videos – the funny or die one is hilarious! I think it’s great that they’re trying to send the message that cats are a cool pet for a guy too. And they are a cool pet – I miss having them.

  6. My hubby loves all animals, thank god! We have two cats of our own and they continue to bring us joy and make us laugh. We’ve actually been getting quite a kick out of all these hilarious online videos lately. You must check this out if you like funny cat videos as well There was a cat video film festival a few months back and we were able to view some 80+ of the best . So , so funny! They just might help bring some of those men to the “other side” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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