Evian is the Helen Keller of dogs. She’s deaf and blind — and like Helen Keller,  smart and very capable of learning.

Evian is also a cuddle bunny. I doubt that’s true of Helen Keller, who never looked like she would cuddle with anyone. At least not in “The Miracle Worker” movie.

I’m not going to lie: A large (probably part Great Dane) dog who looks like a pit bull and has disabilities to boot is going to need an adopter willing to put in a little extra time and buy a little extra food. But I would wager what you get back from taking care of this sweet pup is far more than what you put in.

Click on Evian’s picture to learn more about her. And please spread the word by sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter — especially if you live near Carmel, NY, or know people from there.


One thought on “Petfinder Adoptable Pet #5: Evian in Upstate NY”

  1. Deaf and blind, holy cow. She’s beautiful! And I’m sure well worth the challenge of figuring out how to communicate with her. Hope she finds someone soon.

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