Smokey the Papillon is hardly old at 9 years. Small dogs live a long time, and Smokey is a spry little guy.

I just can’t resist a pun and an insider joke. I live in Arizona, and I know that an ancient volcanic field created the fertile soil that Flagstaff was built on. It’s also a densely forested area. Volcanoes, Smokey Bear…

I’m sorry. We’re talking about a cute, big-eared pup and I’m going all geo-geek.

Ok, just one more thing, but this one’s relevant: It can get cold in Flagstaff, and this little guy is a serious snuggler. “I like to lie as close to my human as I can get,” his profile says.

Who wouldn’t want that Smokey for a bedwarmer — or to wake up to that soulful gaze?

To read more about Smokey, click on his picture. And please share this profile on Twitter and Facebook, especially if you live in northern Arizona or know someone who does.

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