Sharpeis are so ridiculously photogenic that it was tough to choose from the two pictures of Beau on the Petfinder site. I decided to go for dignity because the other shot was so blatantly manipulative — “I’m so worried about you,” it seemed to say, “You need me in your household!” — that I decided to appeal to your better nature.


But you do need to see the picture I’m alluding to in case you’re on the fence. I just figured that, if you’re like me, you might want to pretend that someone in your household looks dignified. But check out the video of Beau rolling over and you’ll see that he can be very, very silly. So in case your household is very dignified and needs some loosening up, Beau’s your boy too.

Click on Beau’s picture to learn more about him. And please share this post on Twitter and Facebook, especially if you live in or near Mission, BC, or know someone who does.



2 thoughts on “Petfinder Adoptable Pet #8: British Columbia’s Beau”

    1. I think Frankie would beg to differ. But Beau would probably just give him that look, and he’d get in line (it might help that Beau is at least 6 times Frankie’s size). I’d love to come to BC, though!

      Thanks for your nice words, Barbara.

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