I may have mentioned — sotto voce — that my favorite version of north-of-the-border Mexican food is the variety served in New Mexico. I like to be true to my state of Arizona and I’m a fan of Sonoran-style food but give me blue corn, sopaipillas, posole, red chiles, green chiles  — especially green chiles — and I’m in heaven. So I am excited to be visiting the home of the Green Chile Walk of Flame and the Chile Pepper Institute.

The Book Store

The Chile Pepper Institute is part of New Mexico State University — which is also where I will be reading on June 16, at the campus’ Barnes & Noble (from 2-4pm). I am told that there will be a group of new students in the store for an orientation visit. I’m thinking both my cute dog and the word “naked” in the title of my book might prove appealing to them.

The Hotel

A check of pet-friendly hotels in Las Cruces led me to the Hotel Encanto. In my experience as a travel writer — which is what GETTING NAKED FOR MONEY is all about, I should probably mention — and as a dog writer, you get either character OR pet friendliness in most lodgings. The Hotel Encanto is that rare exception when you don’t have to sacrifice style for the pleasure of sharing a room with your furry pal.

More good news: The hotel has a branch of Garduños — one of my favorite New Mexican restaurants — in the lobby. Sorry, Madeleine, there are some things I’ll share, but not my carne adovada. Okay, okay, if there are leftovers (which I doubt), maybe a doggie bag is in your future….

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