Experts say that every dog needs a job. I am happy to announce that I am giving one to Madeleine.

I am about to embark on a Kickstarter campaign for a book that has (almost) nothing to do with dogs, a memoir of my days as a travel editor and writer. I am nevertheless going to exploit the fact that Madeleine is extremely telegenic and give her a speaking role in the promotional video being created for the campaign. I’m sure she will steal the show, though her competition includes a talking camel who is pretty darned appealing too.

But what does a talking Madeleine sound like? Several people have volunteered to try out for the role of Madeleine. I’m hoping that you, dear readers, will decide whose voice bests fits your vision of my feisty JRT mix.

I was going to hold the contest on this site, but realized that was no way over to get people to my spiffy revamped website.

Also–I was getting stressed out thinking about having a contest involving Madeleine on a site featuring a picture of the late great Frankie. I tried briefly to substitute a picture of Madeleine but technical–not to mention emotional–difficulties made me realize that this is still Frankie’s blog. My second dog book–it’s just a question of when, not if, I will write one–will include all I’ve learned since Frankie died, including all the difficulties surrounding a beloved pet’s death.

Madeleine will star in that book. When the time comes, she’ll get her picture in lights on the blog’s marquee.

In the meantime, I have this other book to write and publish. So please head over to and vote.

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