Love Sponge Chloe, BlogPaws Bound

Getting ready for the BlogPaws West conference involves finishing up a bunch of assignments that are not — shockingly enough — dog related. And I’m not going to be taking Frankie along to Denver because he’s not exactly a road warrior and the idea of dealing with needles and insulin and a carrier… well, I break into a cold sweat even thinking about it.

But one of the great things about BlogPaws is that it’s all about the pets — and that includes actual as well as virtual ones. I’m already excited at the prospect of getting reacquainted with Chloe, the love sponge Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who owns‘s Mary-Alice Pomputius. I’m also hoping to meet Ty and Buster, the pups of; I saw their Winnebago home at the Columbus, Ohio, BlogPaws, but the boys didn’t put in an appearance. Prima dons, perhaps?

I know there were cats there, but I didn’t encounter any. I did meet a charming ferret and a very soothing  — he purred encouragingly at me before my talk! — guinea pig.

Instead of working, I’ve been fantasizing about the furry creatures I’m going to encounter this time.

So tell me: Which bloggers are bringing their pets to BlogPaws this time? I want to read all about you  in advance, so I can recognize and be properly deferential to the Furred Ones. Please post links to your sites below.

5 thoughts on “Denver dreaming: Take me to your BlogPaws pets”

  1. Yes, we are going to the dogs! I won’t have Sadie with me either. The conference would not be her cup of kibble. I’m so glad I’ll get to snuggle other pups. Three days is a long time without my girl. I’ll need a doggie fix for sure!

  2. Cleo won’t be with me, unless you count all the fur that will be on my clothes and in my suitcase. I’ll definitely be enjoying any and all of the pups attending. And I believe @CosmoHavanese will be celebrating his birthday on Friday.

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