Susan Thixton had the bad luck to have a dog who got cancer as a result of ingesting ethoxyquin, a preservative used in the popular national brand she was feeding her.

She had the good luck to have a vet who recognized the dangers of chemicals in the most common pet foods.

And we pet lovers have the good luck to have Susan Thixton, who blogs at Truth About Pet Food and just wrote a new book, Buyer Beware, as a tireless investigator into the ills of the pet food industry.

I’ve use the word “ills” deliberately. If you listen to Mary Haight’s two-part interview with Susan, posted below, it will make you feel sick. And incredulous. And furious. Can the FDA, theoretically a regulatory agency, really get away with…???

Well, listen to the interview (but not during mealtime, unless you want to go on an instant diet). Then come by for a live chat with Susan at on Wednesday, April 27, at 9PM EST — if only to thank her for the work she does to help keep us from inadvertently poisoning our pets.

By the way, in case you were caught wondering after listening to the first part of the interview: Bob Dole is not “late,” as in dead.

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