Did you ever look through your pictures and see an image that you don’t recall seeing in person? Sure, I saw Edie the Yorkie — formally, Edith Jones, which is the maiden name of Edith Wharton and the reason that the very literate Alison Jones, whom I met on Facebook, gave her the name — hanging out in the grass when Frankie and I took a walk with them a few weeks ago. I do not, however, recall her lizard-like proclivities. This picture of Edie the Yorkie — sorry, I can’t get used to calling her just Edie, for obvious reasons — touching her nose with her tongue came as a complete surprise when I downloaded the images on my computer.

Incidentally, I tried to get a picture of Edie the Yorkie with Frankie, but she totally intimidated him, even though she is not as large as he is. I’m sorry to say, Frankie is a traditional male: He likes to make the first move, and Edie was a tad too aggressive for his taste.

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    1. Thanks, Tammy! I was just transferring your quote into tomorrow’s post when I saw your comment. 😉

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