Inspired by the results of an international poll reported over at Dancing Dog Blog about whether people preferred to spend Valentine’s Day with pets or humans, I thought I’d conduct my own, extremely unscientific poll here. Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments section. For example, if you’re spending it with a pet, say why and, perhaps, what present you bought. If you think the holiday fuss is completely over the top,  feel free to vent here, too.

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By the way, I’ve been enjoying the Valentine series over at Pet News and Views, which celebrates both human and canine bonds, as well as Circle of Food’s more curmudgeonly Going to the Dogs post, which recommends some ways to be a sweetheart by giving to pet charities.

14 thoughts on “Pets or Partners? A Valentine’s Day Poll”

  1. My husband and I used to celebrate V day, but now it’s just too much work. When we had the time, energy, and money we used it as another excuse to buy presents and have a date night (not that we needed excuses, but hey, they can be fun to have on occasion!). Now that we don’t…we don’t. It was never a big-deal holiday to us, anyway.

    I’m sure my dog will give me LOTS of kisses on the 14th. Not in honor of the holiday…just because he’s a little lick-happy!

  2. I’ll be spending Vday working as I am hours behind schedule. I don’t think I’ll tell Lily that it’s Vday because she’ll expect a big elaborate box of some doggie treats.

  3. Just came back from my son’s school where they had their Valentine’s Day party. It’s nice when all the kids get Valentine’s Day cards. We are all celebrating together–me, my husband, the kid, and the cat.

  4. My partner has headed back to his land of origin, USofA, so we fake-celebrated V day a few days ago at a fancy PV restaurant. So, he won’t be here to get jealous when I slobber kisses all over the dog and cat on the 14th… which I do every day anyway. In leui of a gift I made a contribution to SEVA to restore someone’s eyesight … feels like a pretty cool gift, definitely one that keeps on giving! He bought me an adorable carved burro that I was oggling at the market… with the promise to buy me the real thing when I get my farm!

  5. I will spend it with my beloved dog. Last V Day I spent it with a new (and, at the time, apparently marvelous) male human who didn’t want Archie in the bed. Turned out Archie is much better in bed than he was (don’t worry, I’m not talking bestiality!).

  6. Definitely with my guys and gal, canine division. All 5 of them. It wasn’t for V-Day particularly, but I picked up a package of four new squeaky toys when stocking up on kibble earlier this week. Maybe I shall distribute them tomorrow, and call the celebration V-Day.

  7. I just adopted a dog. The best guess is that she is around 3 years old, so we have declared Valentine’s Day as her birthday.

    She has an elizabethan collar on her neck because she recently had eye surgery, so she won’t be able to attend the Valentine’s Day Love Your Dog Social at Main Gate U of A on V Day (noon to 3:00). BUT…we’ll have a private party for her. She kinda likes being the only dog after being one of eight dogs in foster care. She’s had a tough life and it’s fun to make a fuss over her.

    1. Thanks for all your responses to the poll. I suppose it’s the demographic that reads my blog, but clearly pets were overwhelmingly involved in Valentine’s Day celebrations — as were partners. Perhaps my biggest surprise was that 80% of you were planning to observe the holiday in some way. And here I expected everyone to be as curmudgeonly as I am.

      Merrill, I love that you chose Valentine’s Day as Raven’s birthday. I think a lot of adopters of rescues chose special occasions as designated birthdays. I chose the 4th of July for Frankie because I’d started calling him Frankie Doodle and then Frankie Doodle Dandy… and then the inevitable association with the “born on the 4th of July” song lyric.

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