And Dog Star Daily hearts me  — or at least my book — back.

Co-created by the renowned Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman Dunbar, the site is home to some of the world’s top dog training and behavior experts, including Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Patricia McConnell, and Suzanne Clothier, as well as such up-and-comers (and, okay, Twitter pals) Eric Goebelbecker (@DogSpelledFwd;, Nicole S. Silvers (@SilverSkyk9; and Erica Young (@WorkThatDog).

So imagine my delight to find the following in the February 2010 Monthly Woof newsletter:

Edie Jarolim’s new book, “Am I Boring My Dog” addresses all sorts of questions about choosing and living with a dog. But this is no ordinary dry, informational dog book. The humorous and conversational tone makes this the most palatable dog book in ages. It’s an excellent book. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. “Am I Boring My Dog” is extremely thorough and covers an interesting and unique array of questions that pop up when one gets a dog for the first time. Questions I’ve never seen addressed anywhere else. This book is a must-have resource for anyone contemplating getting a dog, all first-time dog owners, dog professions, and every dog-lover in general; really it’s a book for anyone who wants to do the very best for their dog.

Read the rest of the review and newsletter here.

And yes, I saved this post for Valentine’s Day. What better occasion for a love fest?

Speaking of which, since you’re already here, why not take my Valentine’s Day poll?

9 thoughts on “I heart Dog Star Daily”

  1. That is a great review.

    The reviewer really gets your personality and sense of humor.

    Lily Greyhound and I have chosen to celebrate Chinese New Year instead of V. Day. I’ll share my fortune cookie with her. I keep the fortune, she eats the cookie. Fair is fair.

  2. Fabulous! What a terrific review! I love the book. I recently showed it to my vet who really liked it. I was traveling on Valentine’s Day but dreamed about my pets.

  3. I love the book, and here’s a note from my niece, who has spread the joy of reading it:

    “Please tell Edie that her book is a must read at my work out club.I was reading it again at the club a few weeks ago and some people said to me what a great title for a book and I showed them the book and we spoke about you and Archie,Edie and Frankie and my Boomerang.I went to work out today and looked over to see three women sitting on the bikes all reading Edie’s book.Boy do I wish I had my camera with me.Everyone loves the book and we all shared our own wonderful stories about our four legged friends.”

    1. Hey girlfriends — and here I have to admit that, though this book love is unsolicited, it does come from long-time pals — thanks for the comments and, as ever, for your support.

  4. What a great review, Edie, congratulations! Your poll was fun, too. Your friend Clare should stage a re-enactment of the work-out book club and snap that photo…funny! Hope you and Frankie had a fun day:)

    1. Great minds think alike, Mary. That’s exactly what I told Clare!

      Frankie didn’t know it was Valentine’s day (shhhh) but he got plenty of extra attention because a visiting friend wanted to take photos of us together.

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