Frankie and I are heading out to Scottsdale and Cave Creek tomorrow, where I will be doing a book signing, staying at the Hotel Indigo, then meeting several women friends whom I haven’t seen in ages for breakfast at the Daily Dose restaurant. Both hotel and restaurant are pet friendly. I’m psyched — and of course will show and tell all about it for next week’s Pet Travel Thursday.

Frankie — who doesn’t know about these plans yet; the dread suitcase has not been hauled out — will not be quite so excited because a car trip is involved. But he will be safe, secured in the back seat with a harness and seat belt. I was thinking about writing something a bit more esoteric, about car sickness or calming techniques, but then realized an astounding number of people aren’t aware of the basic need to keep their pets restrained in a car. This video that I found on Better Web TV* provides a great introduction to this essential topic.

* I had never heard of Better Web TV before I found this video on YouTube and started investigating the source. Turns out it is an offshoot of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. This re-branding makes me grouchy and not only because it makes me feel old and out of touch. It was bad enough to have to ask Better Homes and Gardens, “Better than what?” Than my home and garden? Of course!

But just Better? Better what? Better space travel? Better toenail clippers? Better betting?… This makes me feel totally unanchored in the universe. I think they need Better branding.

13 thoughts on “Car Safety for Your Pet: The Video”

  1. Strict grammarians, by definition, are almost always grouchy. πŸ™‚ And “Better Web TV” just brings to mind the expression “damned with faint praise.”

    I’m going to have to find out where to buy a doggie belt now!

    1. Ha! As for the doggie belt, just rig up a leash to wrap around the seat belt in your car seat and attach it to a harness. That’s what I’ve done with Frankie and it’s always worked fine.

  2. Thanks for this, Edie. I didn’t realize that Archie’s harness was already rigged for car safety until I saw the PetUtopia person use an identical one in her demonstration. I may finally follow your sage advice.

  3. They must market specifically for perfectionists. To them “better” must be an offer they cannot refuse, whatever it might be. How could a perfectionist say no to something “better”? πŸ™‚

  4. There are some good options presented in this video. I have an attachment that stays installed on the seat belt and shoulder strap in my back seat. That attachment’s clip then clips onto the D-ring on the back Teko’s harness. Sounds a lot like your solution Edie.
    But what I would like to know….why did the reporter in the video drive up at the end with her little dog loose on her lap??

  5. Hi Y’all,

    Not sure about Better, but smart! I hate seat belts! I try to turn around and get all twisted. Solution? Yep! Chew through it! Unfortunately, the Humans make me ride in a crate now.

    Maybe I outsmarted myself…

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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