I missed Pet Travel Thursday last week so this is either a late entry or an early one — and it’s not even on this blog. I’m excited to have a story today on one of my favorite travel sites, YourLifeIsATrip.com. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say it involves dates and peeing.

Here’s how it opens:

Many years ago, I went to Spain with a man who turned out to be an Ugly American. The beer was never cold enough for him and he often mangled the language, but got annoyed at even my mildest attempts at correction.  So I kept my mouth shut when, in a bar in Barcelona, he loudly insisted on a “servicio frio, muy frio” rather than a chilled cerveza. The bartender, not comprehending why anyone would demand a very cold bathroom, nevertheless pointed him towards the men’s room.

These days, I mostly travel with my small terrier mix, Frankie. He rarely embarrasses me and never by being arrogant. But Frankie presents the opposite problem to my Spain experience: that of the very hot bathroom.

To read the rest, see TRAVELS WITH FRANKIE: Discovering Pet-Friendly Perks At Dateland, Arizona.

And if you like it, please comment over there so Frankie and I will get invited back.

6 thoughts on “Travels with Frankie: Our Life is a Trip”

    1. Thanks, Kristine, for commenting here — and there! Dogs can never embarrass us in quite the same way….

    1. Thanks, AJ, and thanks for commenting on the site itself! I notice you were vague there about which type of shake you wanted. Maybe you didn’t want to be accused of being a date hater?

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