Manager Jill with client Jack -- resting on his laurels?

I have welcomed Travelin’ Jack, a peripatetic Olde English Bulldogge, to my site before. For one of my wordy Wordless Wednesdays, Jack brought pet travel news from New Mexico, where he has own blog and his own TV show.

But as Frankie can tell you, behind every successful male is a good woman. In Jack’s case, it’s Jill Lane.  Today I’m giving her a voice — literally. In my interview with Jill for Animal Cafe,  she reveals how she came to adopt Jack –kismet! — how she built his show biz and political career, and how together they helped change pet travel policies in New Mexico.

It’s a must-listen for anyone who shares a home with a freeloading pet who is not achieving his potential.


7 thoughts on “Travelin’ Jack is Back — With Jill!”

  1. Hi Edie,

    If you happen to ask me, I will tell you that I often look down at my two Shih Tzu boys and resent the fact that they are, in fact, freeloading off my good nature and open-hearted generosity. After all, they don’t do chores and they never help out financially but are always very quick about taking full advantage of the top quality everything I get for them.

    But then I look down at them again and my heart melts. They are the loves of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They do exactly what they are supposed to do: look adorable and adoringly.

    So, have you found a moment to view my blog yet?

  2. LOL…you’re too funny, Edie. Freeloading pets indeed. I have six of those, all of the feline variety. Maybe it’s time they go to work :))

    1. Lorie, didn’t we see someone on Twitter who had a handle like “put your cats to work”? It’s a tough one — you never do hear about service cats, search and rescue cats…

  3. Hi Y’all,

    I’m no freeloader! Why I look out for my Humans. I help Momma when she gets down and needs help gettin’ up. She uses me like Papa uses a walkin’ stick, but to go up and down stairs. I try to keep people away from the front door. I take the Humans for hikes and daily walks to keep them fit and healthy. I write my blog and report on happenings of interest and solve mysteries. I have also reported the weather. What more could one want of a faithful friend and companion? I better never hear my Humans accuse me of being a freeloader or I’ll lay down on the job!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Ok, ok… I was just giving Frankie a hard time! He doesn’t have to do anything but be his goofy cute self to earn his keep. And I’m sure you hold your own — and more — in your household!

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