Am I Boring My Dog books only As I’ve mentioned several times, the quality — and quantity — of the entries to the What Books Would Bore Your Dog? contest went beyond my expectations. As a result, I was able to stick to my original dictate. That is, I gave priority to submissions that included a play on both book title and author’s name because there were so many entries that qualified. Recognizability was a key factor too; though some of the more obscure titles gave me a chuckle, I tended to choose books that the average educated person who read the “classics” in high school and college or who reads popular bestsellers would be likely to recognize.

And, remember, my rule was to award only one book per person (or, in one case, per family). The result was the elimination of a great many worthy contenders.

So, without further ado…

Marcia Taylor submitted 59 — count ’em! — book titles. The range of her entries, from classics to contemporary, prose to poetry, was vast, and a great many titles were outstanding. I’m going to list only my top ten favorites (doubling up on multiple books by the same author); you can check out the rest on the comments section of the contest.

A Farewell to Paws /The Old Dog and the Flea, by Ernest Hemingwoof

Bury It Where It Lays/ Slouching Towards Veterinarian, by Joan Piddle-on

Boneo & Chewliette/Hambone by William Barkspeare

Look Boneward, Angel, by Thomas Woof

Peeing and Nothingness, by Jean Paul Barke

Catipus Rex, by Dogocles

Because I Could Not Stop to Poop by Emily Bit-your-son

Linda Tagliaferro, Fred Thorner, and another relative who wishes to remain anonymous. This wife and husband team and the nameless person they’re related to submitted a total of 43 entries — and also submitted the best trivia fact related to one of the titles, which I will mention here. Again, because the number and quality were so great, I’m shortening my list of favorites.

(I Like to Watch the) Rabbit Run, by John Pupdike

Chairman Meow’s Little Red Book

Dog Day’s Journey Into Bite by Eugene O’Heel

Love in the Time of Distemper, by Gabriel Garcia Barquez

Of Mutts and Mastiffs, by John Steinbark

Pup from Slavery: An Autobiography of Booker T-Bone Washington (here Linda pointed out that the “T” in Booker T. Washington stands for Taliaferro — a distant family link?)

The Picture of Doberman Grey by Os-cur Wilde

The Scarlet Setter by Nathaniel Pawthorne

Valerie Wood wins for her two author series, which I will replicate in their entirety.

Among the most famous works of Ima Flanders are:

Dr.No…NO! NO!! (my favorite)

You Only Bark Twice



The Dog with the Golden Bun

Dogbones are Forever


Liver and Let Die

From Husky with Love


The Sharpei Who Loved Me

And the famous Beagle sisters produced:

Woofering Heights, by Emily Jane Beagle

Jane Airedale, by Charlotte Beagle

Agnes Greyhound by Anne Beagle

The Terrier of Wildcat Hall by Anne Beagle

Ok, those are the group winners — congratulations! Please contact me and let me know to what address you would like the book sent. On to the even more difficult task of choosing individual winners…

3 thoughts on “And the contest winners are…. Part 1”

  1. Ha! I was a lightweight compared to these guys. I didn’t have an obsessive problem at all in comparison with my measly one entry per day! & it is kind of a relief really now that it is over – I can walk past a bookcase without twisting the title of every book that catches my eye, I’m noticing the sounds of birds singing again, realising how nice the day is outside, seeing the big pile of work that I have been neglecting for the past week… better get back to it…

    1. And we — your contest fans — are glad that you used your considerable powers for good! I hope you voted for the final winners in my part 2 poll.

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