The reason I initially created a dog blog was to establish my expertise as the author of a book about dogs.  It soon became clear that, although fun, being a dog fashion correspondent might not be the best route to that goal. So I began writing about more substantive topics and, as the publication date approached, went into less subtle book promotion mode.

So why would I want to read about your book promotion now, even as part of your blog’s first birthday celebration, you may be asking yourself.

Because it involved two of the funniest things on my blog, I would answer.

First, the contest to come up with book titles that would bore a dog, based on those that appear on the cover of AM I BORING MY DOG (click on the image, below, to read the titles). Some random examples of the responses I got included:

A Good Bone is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Cavalier

A Tail of Two Shih Tzus by Charles What-the-Dickens

Hairy Plotter and the Sorcerer’s Bone by J.K. Howling

Lord of the Fleas by William Golden

Slouching Towards Veterinarian by Joan Piddle-on

To read the rest, go here.

Then there are the video book promos. Yes, you can always see the final one on this blog, but the five leading up to it are really funny too (and very short).

And if you’re so inspired, do vote in my poll:

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6 thoughts on “WMDHM: The Shameless Book Promotion Phase”

    1. Were you able to vote again? I know you voted early, i.e., when the poll was first posted, but I’m not sure if you were able to vote often, i.e., more than once on the same computer.

  1. Nope, just the one vote, but thought I’d give voice to it again here. Have a grrrrrreat time at the blog conference!

  2. What a way to start the day-those contest responses were great! And yes, Paris is the place so Frankie the Lover wins:) Thanks for sharing your bloggie birthday and the laughs!

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