This one needs to be played without the sound on. Trust me. I can’t find the source of the contest in which this seems to be an entry (probably for the best), and I’m not sure about the connection between this PSA and the Companion Animal Placement Program, which flashes across the screen at the end, but it’s a worthy organization (“Rescued is our favorite breed” is their logo).  Check it out!

Ok — I know you played the sound track, if only because I told you not to. So what do you think about the total package? I’m on the fence. Aside from the annoyance factor, in some ways the laughing and the music reinforce the message of the video: That people judge, but animals don’t.

Don’t be frustrated if your comments don’t turn up right away. I’m going to be spending all day at the terrific Tucson Festival of Books (click on my name in the author’s list if you’re in town so you can see where my presentation will be).

13 thoughts on “Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself #9”

  1. I honestly played it without the sound … It is a wonderful promotion video, and something we can learn from our pets. Have fun at the Tuscon Festival!

  2. Your warning scared me so I played it without sound. Considering the content of the video, I am glad I did. I don’t want to know what potentially offensive things I missed out on.

    I thought this was kind of sweet, overall. And very true.

    Have a great time!

    1. Wow — I am awed by my power to inspire trust. I will try only to use it for good, not evil, but now I’m tempted to do a little personal fundraising…

      Thanks for your good wishes, Kristine.

  3. I’m mixed. On the one hand it’s kinda sweet–the whole people judge and animals don’t. But,given that the person not being judged by the pup is a cross-dresser, it seems to me the PSA might (I’m not really sure about this) make it seem normal or inevitable that people judge cross-dressers and ‘oh well, there’s nothing you going to do about those intolerant types so get a dog.’ I don’t know. I’d like to hear from some people who cross-dress about this one.

    One a side note: I think the person should have put the dog’s leash on and taken him out for a walk, not leave the poor little guy, tail tucked, alone.

    1. Thanks for this feedback, Deborah. But here’s the thing: People DO judge cross-dressers (which is why I found the sound track with all the laughter so problematic). I don’t think the implication is that you need to give up getting people to understand but, rather, that’s it’s nice to have a respite from being judged.

      That said, I totally agree that if the guy took the dog for a walk after he put on women’s clothing the video would have been much better!

  4. ha ha. I thought it was good. then again, I just took a “laughter yoga” training so everything is funny. Yikes – what a waste, all those years refining my fine discrimination skills as a critical judge – instead now I just have hyena-happiness……

    hope you’re having fun at the book festival – wish I was there –

  5. I misread it– I thought it said WITH the sound on. With the sound on, it kind of sounded like a Jay Leno audience was watching it, and I was trying to figure out the context of the laughter… obviously it wasn’t just the message they found cute.

    I would LOVE to know what the transsexual/transgender community thinks of this!

    1. Ha — thanks for admitting it! I just thought the laughter was mean and detracting from the otherwise sweet message.

  6. I’ve seen this video before. I think it aired on a show about the best commercials and the laugh track wasn’t part of the original video. It came from the tv show that aired it as an entrant.

    So yes, the original ad is terrific. But airing it with the laugh track is offensive.

    And of course the person should have taken the dog along for a walk.

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