Most of us have seen  — or avoided looking at — the pictures of dogs at mass commercial breeding operations, better known as puppy mills. Crowded into wire cages stacked on top of each other, the dogs are commodities, pure and simple. And the people who profit from these operations give the term “breeder” a bad name.

Which is too bad. Because people who genuinely care about dogs get tarred with the same brush.

This week Animal Cafe would like to balance the picture. Listen to Part 1 of Dr. Lorie Huston’s interview with Jacque Redford, a vet tech who breeds Rhodesian Ridgebacks, to learn what good breeding — a term that could refer equally to the humans who genuinely care about their charge’s health — is all about.

Then come by to the Chat Cafe on Wednesday, March 16, at 9PM EST, and join the conversation about issues of concern to people looking to work with a responsible breeder — including how to find one.

3 thoughts on “Good Breeding”

  1. It’s great to hear good breeding promoted. While I am totally behind rescue and anti-puppy mill, I am a little tired of being dissed for working with/buying from a breeder. Another part of the story is the work it takes to find a good breeder–I spent months and it took a lot of reading and talking coming from outside the breed community.

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