Good morning and welcome to Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day. This is the first in today’s series of hourly posts, a mini-blogathon to help raise awareness of all the great pets out there who are waiting to adopt you.


I am shocked that Amber has been described in her profile as not very attractive. Doxies and pugs are two of my favorite breeds, and how can a combo of the two not be considered seriously cute? I find Amber’s slightly bowed legs rather endearing. Don’t expect a running partner, though — not only are those gams a little short, but Amber is no spring chicken.

And talk about a mix of two great puppy personalities.

Click on Amber’s picture to read her complete profile. And please spread the word by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter, especially if you live near Tacoma or know people who do.


One thought on “Petfinder Adoptable Pet #1: Amber takes Tacoma”

  1. Amber is adorable. There is wisdom in that expression. Thanks for posting about her. I bet that will find her a perfect home before the day is out.

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