One-year-old Ginger has been described as a Labrador Retriever/ Shepherd mix. Seriously?  Where do you see either dog in that face or in that build?

I don’t know what she is but she’s one of the most appealing looking pups I’ve seen in a long time. If you’re near Gatineaux, in Western Quebec, I’d say walking — or running with — Ginger would make you extremely popular, because everyone would want to guess her parentage. And think of the fun you’d have making up answers!

Click on the picture to the left to learn more about this heart throb. And please share this post on Facebook and Twitter, especially if you live near Gatineaux or know people who do.

One thought on “Petfinder Adoptable Pet #3: A Quebecois Dog of Mystery”

  1. Now THAT is a face anyone could love! OMG! So many beautiful dogs and cats available on Petfinder.

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