From the Bahamas Humane Society:

I’ll have to find a new category — Assorted Pet-Related Public Service Announcements with a Smile? Pet-Related PSAs That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself? Nah…– for this second one, also from the Bahamas Humane Society. I like it even better than the first:

In both cases, I love the slogan: “Let’s make it Bahamian to be humane.”

11 thoughts on “Spay and Neuter with a Smile: Bahamian Edition”

  1. Super. Yes, the second is better but I chuckled at the dog now in the dog house with “his old lady and nine puppies.” HA. The Bahamas have it all over us with that music….

  2. It was fun to see a video from another country. I’d love to see what a humane education PSA in Japan would look like.

    And how about Australia? I don’t even want to think about how outrageous an Aussie Spay and Neuter video would be.

    1. I’ve shown a couple from other countries, but they weren’t so closely identified with the culture. There was a great one, from the Philippines, I think, that had a dog buying condoms.
      And you’ve now given me a mission, Pamela: Find the Aussie spay neuter PSAs!

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