This is another entry in my continuing series of funny pet population control videos by those talented folks at the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. Warning for those opposed to talking animals: They rule this video. And they have strange accents. I can live with those things. You?

15 thoughts on “Spay & Neuter with a Smile, #3”

    1. Yes, that’s my favorite part about this PSA too — addressing the personality change myth. A friend who should know better once brought the question up and I asked her if she became a different person when she had an (early) hysterectomy. She had to admit she didn’t.

  1. I don’t remember the full context of the episode, but I think Original Star Trek “The Trouble With Tribbles” would serve as a great PSA for spaying and neutering pets.

    1. I don’t either — I just know the Tribbles were cute and fuzzy and in retrospect some of the cheesiest special effects on TV. But I’m not sure how you would neuter a Tribble. 😉

      1. Stop feeding it. Tribbles are born pregnant, but if you don’t feed them, they don’t reproduce. Don’t ask me how they live without food, Dr McCoy never explained that part.

        Should I be embarrassed that I knew that without looking it up?

    1. Speaking of accents, inquiring minds want to know: How do dogs bark in Denmark, i.e., what do they say instead of “Woof, woof”?

  2. I think it’s very cute. I love the scene and the accents. I wish there was a wide-spread low-cost spay-neuter program all across the Navajo reservation. They are making some progress but much, much more is needed.

    My commentary (a first!) was broadcast this week on NPR in New Mexico about how we don’t need more uranium mining or power plants. It’s brief, 2.5 minutes. You can hear it at this link!: Maybe I could do one on this spay/neuter issue. I can see how, it has to be funny for people to pay attention.

    1. Thanks for your input, and congratulations on your interesting NPR commentary.

      It’s easier to be funny about spay-neuter than it is about nuclear energy.

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