Here’s a variation on my series of Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Want to Make Me Want to Kill Myself, special for testosterone-raging Super Bowl Sunday. I thought this was a hoot and suspect most of my women friends will too but I wasn’t sure about the male reaction. Guys?

33 thoughts on “A Spay/Neuter Promo — For Women Only?”

  1. I love this commercial! No I’m not a guy, but I wanted to pipe in. I have a special appreciation for it because it is actually for my local SPCA which is a very influential and well-respected authority in my community. My husband thinks this is a funny commercial too, so I think it is able to reach beyond the female audience thanks to the element of surprise!

  2. That is hilarious! I. My boyfriend laughed…but it was a very uncomfortable laugh. He actually asked is it was a real commercial shown on Television. Are you allowed to say balls on TV?

  3. I am not going to tell this to Viva and spouse, as Kenzo and me have a pretty good dream going on that having balls does matter. Hey! I am living in Scandinivia where anything with balls is wild-game! I know, it is pathetic … otherwise known as a “man’s thing”.

    The commercial is a great example of humor getting the message across so much better than any serious (depressing) story πŸ™‚

    1. You know, Karen, it’s the fact that I couldn’t find the cat adoption video (that you just linked to) on your site that inspired me to go looking for other pet adoption videos that didn’t make me want to kill myself — and to this. Now I bookmarked yours too!

  4. As a guy who proudly wore a t-shirt displaying Yvonne’s “Dickless Marketing” book logo around the NY Hilton when she spoke at ad:tech back in 2005, I ask, “What’s your point, Edie?”


    But seriously, the ad is absolutely “a hoot” as you put it. And should be very effective at getting the message across to both genders.

  5. That’s great. I wish more money and effort would be put into those kind of s/n programs than trying mandatory programs that cause more problems than they solve. People with unaltered pets have the same reasons: they can’t afford it and they have no transportation.

  6. Oooh, I unconsciously doubled over. Maybe my testosterone levels are running a little high today (y’know, with all the football talk in the air).

  7. I’m a woman. I hated the ad. [Loved “Super Cool,” though.] I have an intact, two-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed, a wonderful dog, and he’ll keep his balls until my vet says he’d be healthier without them. [This would be the same terrific vet — a woman, by the way — who told me that most male dogs are healthiest if they’re not neutered.]

    Funny how so many people are [rightly, IMHO] upset about debarking and ear-cropping, but castrating your dog? Because you’re too lazy/irresponsible to look after him? Comedy gold!! Excuse me for not joining the hilarity.

    You can read more about the health effects of neutering in this post on the Border Collie Boards. [I hope that people with Rottie and Rottie-mix pups, among others, do their research before cutting their dogs’ balls off (or spaying), because bone cancer = huge suckage.]

    1. I understand your concerns, but until pet overpopulation becomes less of problem, spaying and neutering needs to be emphasized. I wish that everyone was responsible; sadly they’re not. Of course pet owners should discuss with their vets whether the decision to spay or neuter is a wise one for their dog in particular rather than for dogs in general.

      1. Pet overpopulation would be less of an issue if people were responsible. I thought this ad was horrible. So she let her dog roam and therefore he must be neutered. I am all for neutering but not to stop irresponsibility. Yes, I know it was meant as humor, but I found it far from funny.

        Just keep letting the extremists push everyone to spay and neuter and maybe your children or grandchildren will not have to suffer the indignity of owning a poor defenseless animal.

        1. Extremism is in the eye of the beholder; it’s a term generally applied to those we don’t agree with. Some might think your position is extreme.

          1. My brother-in-law did not neuter his dog until the poor thing got “backed up” and NEEDED the surgery. I was ambivalent about neutering our boy simply because I didn’t want to deal with the post-op stress (and rightly so, as it turned out, because he ended up with a HUGE swelling where it was all supposed to be gone!).

            There was just an incident here where a dog slipped out of his yard, was taken to the SPCA, and even though the owners contacted them right away and indicated that they planned to breed from him, the SPCA would not return him un-neutered. These people are livid; he was their dog, they were willing to pay a fine to recover him, but wanted him intact. Any opinions on that?

          2. Lori, I don’t think an accident in any kind of surgery means the surgery isn’t worth having; it just means the doctor didn’t do a good job. You could say the same about heart surgery, appendectomies…any hospital stay.

            As for the SPCA/forced neutering. I don’t agree that neutering should be forced on an owner. But if you — or at least those who are against neutering — advocate personal responsibility, then having a dog slip out of the yard shows a definite lack of it. Why should the SPCA believe it wouldn’t happen over and over again, adding to animal overpopulation?

  8. Wow, they will come and get your dog or cat for you?! Never heard of that one – pretty good. And, although I was very surprised when I heard the “balls” reference, I liked it. Frankly; anything that will get people’s attention and help with regard to this issue is okay in my book.

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