Many of you probably know that today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, introduced in 1999 by Pet Sitters International. It’s not observed in our household, since Frankie gets to supervise my work flow year round. But as I discovered when I tried to make plans to get together in San Diego with my pal Arden Moore, June 24th now also marks the related National Dog Party Day — what’s work without play, after all?  Arden is the event’s creator and she is working hard to organize it.

Although I won’t get to see Arden or to attend the festivities, I’d like to share some of the details with you.

For one thing, it’s partying with a pawpose (furpose?). For another, it’s bi-coastal.  The celebrations will benefit both the San Diego Humane Society and the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals (I often feature their clever PSA videos in my Spay & Neuter With a Smile series; here’s one of my favorites).

The festivities in San Diego, including celebrity dog cake bakers and lots of canine games, will be held at the Hotel Indigo from 4-7 pm. Frankie loves this super pet friendly hotel, where we stayed last year, but he’s not a party animal — and we’re heading up to La Jolla later today. Those in New York — they will of course involve the pet media and, no doubt, the puparazzi — are being held at the Fetch Club in lower Manhattan from 7 to 10pm. This Pacific Standard/Eastern Standard time zone coordination works for everyone. People in New York like to stay up late. I moved to Tucson so I could eat dinner with friends before 9pm and get to sleep before midnight.

Reservations are required, but there’s still plenty of time to make them. To learn more, go to the National Dog Party Day site.


Just so you know, although I am not able to connect with Arden, I am going to have breakfast today with another terrific San Diego pet expert, blogger, and all-around fun person. Anyone care to guess who that might be? Hints: Barbie. Brody. I don’t have any prizes with me to offer but the first one to write the correct answer in the comments section gets the First Annual Reading Pet Blogs with Attention and Retention of Details Award.

Sorry. It’s the sea air. It makes me giddy.

9 thoughts on “The First National Dog Party Day”

    1. Thanks, Deborah. We’re going to stay at one of my favorite hotels in the world, La Valencia, right near the La Jolla Cove. Frankie, of course, will not be impressed. And I think waves frighten him.

  1. This Dog Party is such a fantastic idea. I am sure it will attract a lot of attention. I love reading about such creative ways of fundraising.

    Hope you had a wonderful breakfast with Dr. V!

    1. Kristine, you’ve won the First Annual Reading Pet Blogs with Attention and Retention of Details Award. For what it’s worth. And yes, we had a wonderful breakfast (Frankie didn’t get any of my bacon, so he might disagree).

    1. Yes, you’re right — but Kristine (Rescued Insanity) beat you to it!
      We did have a very nice breakfast, thanks.

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