The other day I got an email saying:

I just wanted to share a funny dog related video I created a few years ago to address a problem with unscooped dog poop in my community…. It got a great response  and helped improve the situation. I recently uploaded an edited version of the video to YouTube in an attempt to reach a larger audience. It’s called the Poop Detective.

I asked the sender, whose name is Craig Dadoly, if he wanted a link to a website, credit, anything else. He said no, he just wanted to spread the word.

I gave him credit anyway.

I’m not sure about the scene with the scientist tasting the poop but I applaud the overall message. I especially like the scene of the detective hitting the poopertrator on the nose with a newspaper.

Two things I’d like to add. There’s a message in the scroll at the end about how dog poop is not fertilizer. This needs to be emphasized because not everyone is aware of doody danger. I wrote about it The Dog Poop Chronicles: A Tale of Personal Growth and Waste Disposal.

Also, some people do not mean to offend; poop happens.  Read one of the funniest posts on the topic, called The Dog, the Universe and Me, on Something Wagging This Way Comes.

18 thoughts on “Beware the Poop Patrol! A Public Service Announcement”

  1. I like to think the best of people and I do think that some believe they are adding organic fertilizer to the earth instead of harmful bacteria. Spread the word and not the poop.

  2. We live in the country and our neighbors laugh because I pick up my dogs’ deposits when we go walking. Now I know why I do it, beside that I do not want to step in it.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Composting poop only works if your dog is a vegetarian. Thanks for sharing the message. And for the shout out. My husband will be very gratified to find you found his horrifying tale funny.

    BTW, if you didn’t care for the scientist “testing” the poop, can I assume you’re not a Pink Flamingos fan?

    1. You’re welcome. And how did I miss that great cinematic allusion? Oh, right, Pink Flamingos grossed me out and I blocked out the major scenes.

    2. That’s not true about only being able to compost the poo if your dog is vegetarian. There are several dog poo “digesters” out there that have proven to work.

      It is true that the heat has to be really high to kill the bacteria though….so it is possible to “compost” it without killing all of the harmful bacteria. I don’t know if that is related to the poo being “non-vegetarian” though (ie. is there less bacteria in poo from a vegetarian dog?)

      1. Maybe Pamela meant that you can compost a vegetarian’s poo without a special digester? I’ll have to check. I was going to say that certain types of bacteria like e coli are only present in meat, but that’s not true as various lettuce and peanut butter recalls have demonstrated. I’ll check this out!

  4. I laughed out loud watching that video. Hilarious. I love that he had fun with it and spread the message in such a neat way! I have multiple bags with me *at all times*. WE have a crotchity old neighbor who actually stands on his porch and shines one of those giant police issue flashlights at people as they walk their dogs past his house. Nothing like a vilgilante ex-cop to keep you honest about your poop scoopin!

    1. It’s hilarious in turn that you have a literal poop police patrolman in your neighborhood! I usually have bags with me but the other day I switched purses and had to beg a bag off a passerby. Frankie has a habit of pooping right in the middle of the path, which is concrete, not on the side where I could cover it with dirt in case of emergency. I knew that he was sure to earn me the wrath of a bicyclist.

      I should note that horses poop on the path all the time and no one does anything about it. I guess there’s not much you can do because you don’t want to antagonize anyone on a horse… plus, unlike dog doo it can be used as fertilizer.

  5. and I do flush the poo! at least that occurring in the house – I really want a doggy dooley or make one of my own “dooley”:). Pamela’s husband’s story was side splitting! OMGoodness. What a way to start a Saturday :).

  6. Funny and clever. I love the newspaper on the nose too. Of course, knowing the perpetrator is now working on a poop scoop crew is wonderful! 🙂

    I also wrote about the dangers of dog poop. Pretty nasty stuff. You definitely don’t want it in your vegetable gardens. Yuck!

    I loved Pamela’s post too.

  7. I was with ya until the “tester” at the poop. That is absolutely disgusting! Here is a funny video produced by our local stormwater group that you might find amusing. It’s a spoof on an 80’s rap song 🙂 We are also very passionate about scoopiing poop. You can find what we have written under our “Eco Friendly” dog category. Continue the good message of scooping poop!

    1. Good one, Jessica! I’m going to have to post it. And I’ll check out your poop post.Together we pet bloggers can help scoop the world 😉

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