This is the second installment of what could be a new Frankie the Camouflage Artist series. Here’s the first.

24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Where’s Frankie?”

    1. Ironically, that’s where Frankie lies in wait when I’m eating lunch and he wants to give me a treat. I guess he doesn’t understand that he’s making himself less visible…
      Black? I thought you were going to ask if it didn’t used to be white, as opposed to cream color aka Frankie color.

    1. Ha — I have tripped over Frankie plenty, though not when he is sitting or lying still; he tends to literally get underfoot when I am walking around!

    1. If it wasn’t for his little butt hanging off the back of the rug — not to mention his nose — it really would be hard to see him!

    1. Ha, ha — dog first, then rug. Luckily Frankie is off white; a pure white item wouldn’t last long in my house!

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