I’ve been a bit distracted, trying to finish up a big project — I finally sent it off this morning — which is why I accidentally pushed “publish” on the post titled “My Year of Bookselling: Five Things I Did Right” when it was in a very rough draft stage. My apologies to those who tried to access it and got…nothing. I had to trash it, but hope to have the finished post up by Thursday.

Here’s one thing I did not include in my recommendations: When a TV host asks you about your book, do not forget that it exists.

It happens at the end of my final pet travel segment on KVOA TV, which aired yesterday. I’m okay with not doing the show any more because I never quite got over being nervous, but Frankie, who is a little publicity hound, was rather irate.

Watch here:

Going 2 the Dogs – Sierra Vista

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to all that – for now”

    1. Oh dear! It really was only half done and my editing process is long and complex. It turned up on Facebook too… The internet is too darned fast (when you don’t want it to be)!

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