This video was made for No-Kill Los Angeles, an initiative of Best Friends Animal Society along with a coalition of animal organizations across Los Angeles. I like Kevin Nealon, and of course I like the message, but I thought a little too much time was spent on the lead in to the money shot: A cute dog.

Do you agree?

8 thoughts on “Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself, 6/23”

  1. Way, way too long to lead in. I got the point, then lost interest, long before they got to the dog

  2. Yep. Nicely done, but I agree with you. The lead in was too loooonnnnng. I love these videos! Thank you. Now I can proceed with my Saturday without the nagging sensation of wanting to kill myself which I did after stumbling upon a sickening video on FB.

  3. You are right, it did take him a long time to get to the point. And to end with spay/neuter … who knows where his audience was in their mind after a tour around the worlds problems πŸ™‚

  4. true it was too long – probably wouldn’t have gotten thru it if it weren’t for your lead-in, but I actually really appreciated it – since covering general assignment beat will be a year now! in August, I got a good chuckle out of it, now actually having to sort thru all those problems clamoring for attention, so thanks

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