Time flies.

It’s been more than seven years since I started this blog to publicize AM  I BORING MY DOG? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew. It was a reference for first-time dog owners that starred my first dog, a shy scruffy terrier-mix named Frankie. If this post has come to you via email, you know him well.

That book and this blog were the first introduction that many of you had to me and my writing. But BF — Before Frankie — I was a travel editor and writer. My new book, GETTING NAKED FOR MONEY: An Accidental Writer Reveals All  details those years.

A Few Frankie-Fan Reviews

Several people who came to know me through this blog and my earlier book took a chance on this new one–and posted reviews on Amazon.

From Carla T, who wrote a guest post for this blog:

I bought this book because of the author, and was wonderfully rewarded for it! I was thrilled to find that Edie Jarolim’s wit and humor, authoritative research, and engaging writing style translated from her last book (“Am I Boring My Dog”) to this one, even with very different subject matter of her own professional life: writing and editing on topics of regional and world travel as well as food around the globe.

As a firmly-planted home-body, and self-described plain eater, this book would not usually hit my radar—I’m so glad it did! The cheeky title—it is not just a tease and the lead is not buried—the imaginative turns of phrase that paint both interesting and comical experiences in rich detail, and the occasional words-of-wisdom, from someone who has clearly earned every bit of her wisdom, had me hooked instantly and kept me entertained to the very end. It offers quite a peek into the world view of a native New Yorker with an archeologist’s spirit and a wordsmith’s profession.

From Karen of

I admit, I’m not an avid reader but I’m definitely a dog person! So when I heard the author of one of my favorite dog books wrote another book, I figured what the heck, I’ll give this a go. It was incredible! I had no idea what occurs “behind the scenes” of the publishing/travel writing biz and i was surprised. I found myself giggling throughout the book and being a Jewish woman from NY, I really understood Edie’s witty humor. I even texted my mother in the middle of the night after reading to share some of the laughs. Some of her tale-telling was absolutely hilarious and the ironies will not be forgotten! I also admire Edie’s honesty, as gut wrenching as it was at times. But it was the perfect mix between the deep soulful feelings and fun that made this books such a smooth read. It wasn’t until halfway through the book that I thought what a great idea to grab my highlighter! Edie threw in little tidbits of “rules to live by” throughout the book and I found myself back peddling through pages to reread them.

I feel like I know Edie and am hopeful she will write a travel guide about upscale restaurants in Florida and take me with her!

Maybe you’d like to read it?

Naked Dogs, Naked People

This blog’s name is relevant to my new book. Will My Dog Hate Me is short for “Will My Dog Hate Me If I Dress Him?” one of the 99 other things every dog wishes you knew. The earliest posts here were devoted to dog dressing. I soon veered away from that but found I had my own feelings on that topic.

Frankie didn’t mind if I dressed him and he looked very cute in clothing.

Cowboy Frankie
Cowboy Frankie

My current pup, Madeleine? Not so much.

She’s good natured and probably wouldn’t mind if I chose to clothe her, but somehow I never feel like it; it’s not her style. Here’s my point: People have different takes on nudity, both when it comes to dogs and people. Some people would never dress their dogs. Some people would dress some dogs and not others. Some would never go to a nudist beach or resort; others feel right at home au naturel.

And some people would go to a nudist resort if you paid them, even though they are not nudists.

I fall into this last category. The title of my new book is based on the fact that, despite the fact that I am not a nudist, I went to a nudist resort — undercover and uncovered — on an assignment for More magazine.

Which category do you fall into? Are you one of the “Nevers”? The “Sures”? Or the “Under the Right Circumstances, Maybe”?

Entering the Book Contest

Which brings me to my contest. To enter, all you have to do is go over to this link, Contest: Would You Go on a Nudist Vacation,and comment. Subscribe to that blog and you’ll get an extra entry.

Good news: There are e-books available, so you don’t have to live in the U.S. to enter.

Added incentive to enter. The late, great Frankie puts in an appearance in the book — and not a cameo either. But you knew he was immortal, didn’t you?

So — go over there and enter, y’hear? That link again is Contest: Would You Go on a Nudist Vacation.

Madeleine is a good spokesdog
Madeleine is a good spokesdog

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