Gio, the winning Biewer, ready to travel to his native Czech Republic to make beer

Choosing a winner for the Is My Dog Boring Me? contest was very tough. I had many, many terrific entries. And my indecision was compounded by the fact that a) my winner was the very first person to enter the contest, thus indelibly etching her entry in my mind; and b) I later received a wonderful illustration for it. Did this affect my judgment, I wondered. But on careful reflection I decided no, and I’ll explain why.

Alluding to my statement that I had never heard of the Biewer before one became the recipient of my Mommy Bus giveaway contest, Pamela wrote:

I also never heard of the Biewer. But I wasn’t surprised to find he is also known as the beer dog. Biewer’s yeast is the secret ingredient in great Czech Pilsners, with villagers guarding the dogs from competitors. The floppy ears are crucial for proper yeast development.

It was the last statement, about the floppy ears being crucial for yeast development, that was the clincher. Floppy dog ears do tend to produce yeast — much to the dismay of dog owners, who have to clear up the yucky infection. This word play on the Biewer’s characteristics and on its name was truly inspired.

But perhaps I shouldn’t expect less from a woman who writes a wonderful blog called Something Wagging This Way Comes.

Wait, though: There were two other entries that were so close that I decided that they deserved to win books too. I’ll post those winners tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Is My Dog Boring Me Contest: A New Breed of Winner!”

  1. I love that blog name too! My dog Oscar isn’t a Biewer but he also has floppy ears which constantly needed watching! Congratulations to Pamela!

  2. a well deserved win! i can fully appreciate it since i have not just one, but TWO yeasty eared dogs :p maybe they’re secretly biewer dogs and i just never knew.

    thanks also for the blogsite. looks interesting 🙂 xox

  3. Thank you Edie, for the honor and the kind words. I am indeed flattered to be chosen by the woman I consider the Diva of Outrageous Punny Connections and the person I would most like to play Balderdash with.

    Your contest was very fun and only my own laziness (or can I call it good sportsmanship?) kept me from posting two other breed descriptions:

    dock’shound – a breed which accompanies novice boaters unable to cleanly tie up at marinas. Can also be used as a gangway.

    KingsofLeonburgers – dog breed often found in the top 40 on college radio stations.

    Fun, fun and I hope you host another contest soon. I loved all the entries!

    1. Diva of Outrageous Punny Connections — I love it! I need to have a t-shirt made up. I am very fond of your new dock’shound entry too (especially the gangway comment).

      As it happens, this is a takeoff of my first and wildly successful contest, run way back before Am I Boring My Dog came out. If you want a good laugh, check out my Which Books Would Bore a Dog contest: and

      I was awed by the cleverness — and yes the volume! — of entries.

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