Frankie, the original bad-to-the-bone terrier, says, "I'm the ref. And I'll be glad to get these other dogs off MY blog."

I know, I know, you want to go straight to the video. I can’t blame you. It’s awesome. But I need to explain a few things first, so hold your horses. I mean dogs. You’ll want to hear about the fun and the prizes.

First the fun. After viewing the video, you need to chose the baaaadest mother puppy in town. Steve? Dexter? You decide and vote by commenting on this blog post (comments on other posts won’t count). Whichever Yorkie loses has to concede that the other one is the baddest by praising him on Facebook and Twitter and — … really, whatever the winner chooses — for an entire week. Polls close on Sunday April 3 at midnight, EST. On Monday, I’ll post the winner — and the penalty he’s decided to impose on his worthy opponent.

Now the prizes, a choice of personalized collar or harness from Gangs of New Yorkie AND a custom portrait by Dexter’s Ruff Life — click on the links to their blogs for details about the goodies and also, on Gangs of New Yorkie, for bios of the two contenders for the title of Baddest Yorkie. Your vote in the comment qualifies you for the prizes.Β  Like the vote, the contest closes at Sunday April 3, at midnight EST. I’ll choose the winner at random on Monday, April 4, and post that information too.

May the best — I mean the worst — dog win!

212 thoughts on “Presenting: The Great Yorkie Bark-Off!”

    1. Ha — I wish I had something to do with the video editing except regard it with awe. It was all Alana — a.k.a. Dexter’s mom.

    1. grandma…you is family…you can’t win a piggie….and whatcha gonna do wif a piggie!? you don’t has a dog!!! i guess you could gives it to me, but i already got THE piggie!! πŸ™‚

  1. #117 Dexter, you the dog!!! You got my vote!!! My furbabies votes are included in mine, they LOVE you and piggie!!!

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  3. I gotta vote for Dexter. He really is the baddest of the bad. I know first hand. He’s peed and pooped on my floor and bit my hubby’s feet. PS: Oven mitts work really well on the feet to prevent attacks…GO DEXTER!

  4. #130 Steve, you are one Bad mother puppy! And we’d want you on our side if we was down in NY…but we think that Dexter is the BADDEST mother puppy around! So we’s got to vote for him!

  5. #132 We are Dexter fans, but we are going for STEVE on this one. That tongue sticking out all the time is just too cute!

  6. #135 Both Steve n Dexter are adorable….but my vote is for Dexter……..He is one baddddddd mother puppy !!!!!!

  7. #136 My vote is for Dexter all the way!! It was no contest! Dexter is the baddest mother puppy!!!!!

    1. I don’t see why *my* relatives should be disqualified; I don’t have a dog in this race, as it were. I’ll let Dexter and Steve duke it out as to whether their family members should be allowed to take part.

    2. no, my grandma was already disqualified! shes a sneaky old lady. is i related to you? i don’t tink i is related to a Rebecca, but my brain is de size of a peanut so i could be wrong. ???

      1. aahhh, i didn’t see Edie’s post before i posted mine. if you is not related to Steve or me, i tink you should be ok. but you did vote for me so i could be a little bias…. πŸ˜‰

  8. #153 Oh so good! I just adore your videos – so imaginative and funny – also love the messages throughout. Yes, I’m with the others it’s Dexter for me – prizes look so good. Thanks for entertaining and brightening my day.

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