Frankie is getting annoyed at me.

Here he is, embarking on a world book tour to help sell my book, AM I BORING MY DOG, and what do I do? Blog about puppy mills. I’ve tried to explain to him that other dogs are just as worthy of rescue as he was, and that if everyone thought the way he did, he’d still be out on the streets, homeless (I don’t say “or worse” because just contemplating that makes me feel awful), but he doesn’t seem to care.

I know some dogs are altruists. There’s even  great footage of one pup saving a doggy pal on the freeway in Chile. (I couldn’t find an English version but know this story had a happy ending: the dog that was rescued survived and is doing fine.)

Frankie, however, thinks that it’s all about him. He’s pointed out how much everyone likes his first video promo, particularly the last shot of him looking smugly into the camera.

Frankie looking smugly into the camera
Frankie looking smugly into the camera

And, I admit, I’ve done very little up until now to dissuade him of the notion that he runs this household. It’s a bit late to start now, especially after I put him through all those wardrobe changes during the photo shoot. Let’s face it: I’ve created a doggie diva.

All I can do, then, is try to get him the media attention he feels he so richly deserves. I’ve attempted to get interested in interviewing him as he embarks on his world tour. So far no luck. But I’ll keep at it.

Oh yes, Frankie wants me to tell you that he’s going to be rather picky about who organizes his fan club. No one wielding needles for insulin shots, for example. That little ingrate!

Updates: Rebecca Boren, Frankie’s rescuer, has volunteered to head his fan club. And I must have had brain freeze this morning. I agree that a boy dog can’t really be a diva. Frankie can be — and definitely is — a publicity hound!

4 thoughts on “Frankie doodle, doggie diva”

  1. I hate to get into semantics here but can Frankie be a diva? Maybe he’s a divo?

    I don’t doubt that he runs the household though.

    1. You know, I was thinking about that. My initial title was “Frankie the media whore,” but that has a female connotation too (plus I thought it would bring me lots of creepy spam). What IS the male equivalent for a diva?

  2. Actually, the correct male version of diva is divus — Latin for deity. (Although points to KZ, I thought divo would be it). And Frankie certainly is all that. I just hope he doesn’t get ahold of a supply of thunderbolts!

    1. Who knew? Thanks for that, Rebecca. I’m glad to see you’re taking your responsibilities as the head of Frankie’s fan club seriously, and not allowing any errors to creep into his official profile. I don’t think you need to worry about any thunderbolts. Like most other pups, he tends to cower in their presence…

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