It’s been a hectic weekend at the Jarolim/Doodle residence (that’s Doodle for Frankie Doodle; see my July 3 post to learn how he came by that surname and to get dog naming tips).  Frankie had some kind of intestinal distress — the effects of being a dog, was my vet’s scientific diagnosis– and spent Saturday night in the clinic, hooked up to a drip. He’s home now, and several friends have come up with an alternative theory for Frankie’s health issues:  pre-publication stress and travel sickness.

I can’t argue with those assessments. Knowing he’s going to be a target of critiques has made Frankie a bit anxious and out of sorts. Add to that his extensive hot air balloon touring. Like others who eat unfamiliar food and disrupt their sleep habits, the pup became susceptible to the globe-trotting trots.

But those travels will be over tomorrow, when the final installment of Frankie’s extended tour to promote Am I Boring My Dog is posted.

For those who haven’t been following that wild, strange trip, here’s the video recap.

Part 1: Frankie takes off from Tucson in search of book buyers

Part 2: His bad-to-the-bone inner dog emerges

Part 3: Ooh la la: An interspecies romance

Part 4: Surf ‘n’ storm — oh my!

Part 5: Frankie explores parts remote & otherworldly

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